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Innovation and tradition have never gone so well together: Biscotteria Bettina was born from Bettina’s desire to satisfy her craving for biscuits that were a little different from the classic ones she grew up with! The desire for fruity and spicy biscuits gave birth to the orange, berry, caramel and cinnamon biscuits; family tradition led her to propose the corn and sultana biscuit, created with her maternal grandmother’s recipe and a classic of Venetian biscuit-making; her love for Italy led to the creation of the first “Tiramisù” biscuit, inspired by the world’s most famous Italian dessert, born in Treviso, a delicate combination of cocoa, coffee and vanilla; her search for quality raw materials led her to find a biscuit using delicate khorasan wheat and another using only rice flour.

Born and raised in Venice, in the region of prosecco and spritz, a lover of conviviality and meetings with friends, she decided to create a range of biscuits for the aperitif: here are the savoury biscuits. The POP biscuits inspired by the Mediterranean, the biscuits with Asiago, corn and onion inspired by the mountains, the herb biscuits inspired by vegetable gardens and the scents of herbs, the curry and poppy seed biscuits inspired by oriental cuisine and, finally, the peanut biscuits for “evening wear” of peanuts, a classic for aperitifs!

All of this is done with great care in the choice of raw materials and the balance of the recipes.


Via San Marco, 17
31052 Maserada sul Piave (TV)
Frazione: Candelù
tel. - fax: 0422 1727897
cel. 347 9009615


Via Terraglio 247/2 31022
Preganziol - Treviso


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